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We at Abundant Heating & Air Conditioning has earned the trust of our customers in the King County, WA area. Here are some of the things our satisfied customers tell others about our services.
This is a long overdue review for Abundant Heating and how deeply thankful that I am for Kerry and Chris for helping me out during Thanksgiving of 2015.

Being new to the PNW and not knowing much about heating systems, I had mistakenly switched off the valves for my hydronic heating system while I was doing some plumbing (and didn't realize that I had to flip them back and wait for an hour or so before the heat would return).

Things got awfully cold right around Thanksgiving, and I also got sick with a bad stomach flu-- meaning that I was desperate, sick and cold. It being right before Thanksgiving, I had called a number of companies that were all busy-- after a few had come to take a look, I was quoted ridiculous things, i.e. "your water pump is broken, it'll cost about $1,500 to $2,000 to fix" to "your hydronic system is busted... you should get a gas system, it'll cost from $5,000 to $7,500".

Kerry was able to swing by and after a quick peek, identified what the problem was and I just had to flip the valves and to wait-- it was that simple.

To top it off, though he didn't have to, he went up to the attic to do a quick assessment of my heating system to double check to make sure everything was good to go.

I was basically the perfect victim-- being cold, sick, ignorant and desperate and it warms my heart that there are truly honest, knowledgeable and good business owners out there.

Hsiao Min P.
Kerry from Abundant Heating saved me $2600 last week! I was dealing with less than reputable HVAC guy who told me my furnace motherboard was fried and that it would cost $500 to replace. Then he almost talked me into buying an $2600 on a new furnace. I started to get suspicious and asked around and was referred to Abundant Heating.

Kerry came in the next day, found that it was a loose connection. fixed it and left me with a $180 bill which I GLADLY paid.

Awesome, professional service. Highly recommend it!

Leo N.
I've just had Abundant out to look at an older electrical furnace that I thought was a goner. Kerry had it fixed and running like new fast and the price was very reasonable.

Jana S.
We had abundant replace our furnace last fall. We then had them come back and do some work on our hot water heater. They were the most affordable company we got bids from on both and seemed to be the most knowledgeable. We will be going with them for all of our future HVAC needs!

Alex N.